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Fully Glazed Doors

A Robust, reliable and durable aluminium overhead door with a range of options. Each door is designed and made completely to your individual requirement. This door reflects the styling of your building. To give your overhead door an individual style, you can combine a wide range of glazed & insulated panels.

Durable, transparent and attractive

Aluminium overhead doors are even more durable thanks to the use of high-quality materials. By using transparent fillings in the design, the overhead door allows the maximum amount of light to enter the building. It gives the overhead door anattarctive apperance and makes it extremely suitable for use where appearance is important such as in showrooms, firestations and ambulance-stations.In addition, the transparent fillings increase the amount of light that enters the building. As a result, additional artificial light is often unnecessary. All our overhead doors are CE approved. Doors are supplied as standard with finger protection. The finger protection prevents the fingers getting caught between the panels when shutting the door.