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Special Application Doors
Practical, Intelligent & versatile

  • Sturdy, compact & technologically advanced, rapid rollup are fitted with modular counterweighted balancing system, ensuring a high standard of operation & safety
  • The modular curtain allows the section configuration to be changed to meet different operation requirements and any damaged sections to be quickly replaced
  • A reliable modular counterweighted balancing system with sturdy driving belt allows the motor to operate with little effort hence ensuring a longer life for the automation
  • Opening measuring up to 6000 X 6000
  • Opening speed up to 1.1m/s mainly for indoor application
Self-Repairable Door

The innovative self-reinserting high performance door guarantees maximum seal and versatility. Rapid and silent, it is particularly suitable to medium-size, high-traffic interior applications. In short: high performance together with the most functional and remarkable aesthetic design.

Fold up Door

  • Sturdy, reliable, modular.
  • Ideal for medium size & large opening
  • Fold up Doors are the best solution for external entrance and work with ease in the most diverse conditions, including windy areas or low pressure rooms. Sturdy & reliable, these are intelligent doors, ideal for medium sized and large openings.
  • Opening measuring up to 5500 X 6000.
  • Opening speed up to 1.0 m/s*
Mega Fold Up Door

  • Sturdy, reliable, modular
  • Safe & untiring for large openings
  • Mega fold up doors are the oversized version particularly suitable for large openings
  • Uniquely reliable and safe thanks also to modular counterweighted system
  • Compact yet sturdy.
  • Opening measuring upto 35mtrs X 30mtrs
  • Opening speed up to 0.3 m/s