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Rolling Shutter
Curtains - Constructed from 0.9m thick x 76mm curved steel scroll laths interlocked with nylon endlocks and galvanised T section bottom rail.
  • Manufactured from mild steel tube, tube size varies based on the overall width and height of the curtain and the gauge of laths. The tube wall thickness varies dependant on the width of the shutter, the barrels are mounted on bright steel shafts varying from 25mm to 50mm dependant on the overall size of the shutter, the shafts have support bearings (30mm / 40mm) external to each endplate
  • Brush Seals to Head and Guides, Rubber to Bottom Rail
  • Constructed from 65mm straight channel galvanised guide mounted on 75mm x 50mm mild steel angle, wind guides may be required dependant on the size of the door.
  • Formed from 20swg steel available at an additional cost
  • 6mm thick mild steel to take the weight of the shutter and barrel.Operation by heavy duty 3 ph direct drive motor pre wired with push button as standard.
The motors meet the new British & European standards for industrial and commercial doors, principally BS EN 2000 : 12604 mechanical aspects, and BS EN 2001 : 12453 safety in use of power operated doors.
The additional safety brake incorporated in the motor satisfies the required characteristics of the anti fall back device.

Finishes the curtain and guides are galvanised, angles, barrel and end plates are painted in a zinc rich primer.

A paint finish using a polyester powder coating system is available at additional cost, the colour to a BS or RAL number subject to availability.